Marak Thune (Darren Sodune)

Mysterious person who sent invitations to PCs to meet him in the Bristly Boar Tavern in the city of Gnopish Ra.


In Game Session #2, Marak’s true identity was revealed to be Darren Sodune, uncle of Amylia Raylman. He is also the servant/body guard of the princess, though assumes the guise of her superior while she travels (in hiding) as Venessa.

Once one of the twelve Arch Mages on the King’s Council of Mages, he was banished from the order when his sister Dema Sodune (who was also on of the King’s Arch Mages, as well as mistress of the King) was convicted for using dark magic to seduce the King. His sister’s relationship with King Victorus Raylmen lead to the birth of Amylia Raylman. When Dema fled her conviction and punishment, abandoning her daughter, the King stripped Darren of his status on the council and commanded him to attend to his bastard daughter.


Marak Thune (Darren Sodune)

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