Shadowkill (Vark Parnak)

Human Assassin / Escaped Prisoner at Large


Standing nearly seven feet tall, Shadowkill is a towering, slender human with long black hair. He is battle-hardened and physically fit. His most notable features, which are quite unusual, are his solid black eyes and black clawlike fingernails. If stories of his deeds are true, then he must be at least seventy years of age, though he doesn’t appear to be any older than his mid twenties. He moves with a gracefulness, almost as if his every step was carefully choreographed. He is said to have an unusually baritone voice, gruff and hoarse, but well spoken and obviously well educated.


“A demon wakens with the night, Reviling sun and all things bright. Evil’s friend and virtue’s foe – Darkness comes where the Shadow goes.” – Legend of Shadowkill; verse 1, Aramanthian nursery rhyme.

A legend unto his own right, for the past thirty years, Shadowkill has reeked havoc upon the cities of the Aramanth Kingdom. He is the leader of The Crooked Claw, a insurgent resistance organization opposing the rule of the Raylman dynasty. His tactics are geared towards expert gorilla warfare, stealth and assassination.

To those who are devoted to the Kingdom, Shadowkill is a demon, a vile enemy, and evil incarnate, but tho those who dislike the imposing rule of the the Kings Ra he is a hero and savior.

His most recent escapade; the assassination attempt on one of the dozen Raylman princes, was thwarted and he was captured. However, assisted by the secretive rogues guild in Gnopish Ra known as “The Scorned Thorn,” his escape from the dungeons of the King was successfully orchestrated.

The King’s knights saught out and slaughtered the entire membership of The Scorned Thorn in retaliation for their involvement in Shadowkill’s escape. Membership to the order (past or present) carries with it a death sentence by the order of the King.

The legendary rogue was again captured near the city of Talynth Ra in the westernmost Provence of the Kingdom, but before his caravan guard escort could deliver him back to the King’s dungeon, he once again escaped and now remains at large.

For his capture (alive) there is now a royal bounty on his head – a bounty offering 100,000 gold and a parcel of land in the city of Aramanth Ra; which includes a minor but Noble title for it’s owner.

Shadowkill (Vark Parnak)

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