The Shadow of Greatness [On Hiatus]

The Ta'Gorian Complex & The Syb Centaurs

Game Session #2

The 12th day of Visat – 13th day of Visat in the 983rd Year of Ra

Location: Cody’s House, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Friday, January 31st, 2014
7:00 PM CST – 1:00 AM CST (6.0 Hours)
[Total Campaign Game Running Time: 12.0 Hours]

In Attendance: (5) – Aaron Mason (Aerech), Cody London (Ruic), Justin Mason (DM), Richie Boyd (Tuan), and Terry Henry (Vall).

Luck Tokens: There were three luck tokens awarded this game session, one to each Cody, Richie and Terry. One luck token was spent by Cody during the game session to prevent death from massive damage (Failed Fort Save) to Ruic.

Experience Earned: (4,096 exp total to each character) 4,096 for combined combat with minor earth elemental, and the greater elemental fiend (earth). Everyone also earned a 250 xp bonus for contributing to the “recap” at the beginning of the game session.

NPC’s Appearing in this Game Session: Marak Thune (Darren Sodune), Venessa, Amylia Raylman, Saldelmar Syb of Sebu, Anya Syb of Sebu, Parlagorn, Shadowkill.

The Campaign Experience Awarded Total after this game session is:
3,750 exp + 4,096 exp; for a total of 7,846 exp (does not include individual xp bonuses awarded)


PC struck by luxury sedan, CHECK!


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